CEO Message

The institute will be a place where potential leaders identified across Keppel’s global operations will be able to hone their leadership skills, build bonds across borders and business units, and fully realise their potential.

Dear Keppelites,

How is a leader built?

Leadership is fundamental to a company's growth, therefore many leading management gurus have tried to answer this question in different ways. A common thread amongst the attempts to find the panacea for cultivating leadership is that organizations need to invest in building a holistic approach and system for developing its people and top talents.

As an important milestone for the Group, the Keppel Leadership Institute is envisioned as an incubator for Keppel leaders of today and tomorrow. Through this platform, I hope that the Institute will be able to offer transformative learning experiences to our talents so that they will be able to grow into effective managers, as well as mentors, developing and inspiring others.

To bridge business units and culture and form a stronger global team, the Institute will see Keppel leaders from different business units to meet, exchange views and learn from one another experiences. The Institute will also provide opportunities for Keppel Leaders to learn from senior management, as well as leading industry leaders.

Beyond being a centre for learning, the Institute will evolve with the needs of our business units. A key feature of the Institute's pedagogy is its close collaboration with our business units to ensure the relevance of our programmes.

It is no coincidence that the Institute overlooks Keppel Bay, the birthplace of Keppel. It was there that Keppel started as a humble shipyard and, against all odds, grew into the multi-national conglomerate that it is today. We hope that each graduate will see the Institute as a starting point for themselves for personal growth, so that they will make a difference to their teams, companies, and communities when they return to their respective business units.

As we tackle the uncertainties and challenges of the future, our business will need leaders who will not only build sustainable business, but also exemplify our core values and touch lives. The Keppel Leadership Institute will be the key to unlock the potential of our leaders of tomorrow.

Loh Chin Hua
CEO, Keppel Corporation

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 12:40 PM